The general election has come and gone, especially after the re-run of Governors and the House of Assembly election in some states like Abia, Imo and other states had been completed  and winners emerged. Thank God for what seems to be a peaceful conduct of the election generally. While we count our gains and loses yet we are not quick to forget thier attendant incidences both on the people and the economy so far.
This election has made history in the african comity of Nations mostly where the incumbent seems unbeatable and indefeatable in any election they will re-contest. First and foremost l salute Professor Jega Attaihuru for his sagaciousness. His job as INEC chairman since 2010 and his first election conducted in 2011 proves that he is a man of intergrity and honor when compared with Professor Maurice Iwu’s organised election of 2007 where voting was dismal and rigging was with impunity but Prof Jega brought sanity and peoples hope was restored.
In 2015;prof Jega again brought in afresh ideas and the entire electoral system changed to an international accepted standard which actually reduced rigging to the bearest minimal with the use of Permanent Voters Card (PVC)  as a result Nigerians saw the incumbent president, Goodluck Jonathan being massively voted out thereby paved way for the president elect Gen Muhammadu Buhari  of the opposition party (APC) in an unpresidented land-slidding winning that shocked the world including the ardent PDP strong hold were beaten hands down with president Goodluck Jonathan humbly thrown in his towel by calling immediatly his opponent the prisedent elect GMB  to concede defeat, that is great!! At least it saved our dear country Nigeria and by extension west Africa from war outbreak
This is one election that has several lessons to teach. Basically, the intensity of propagander and dis-information of character by the PDP really did more good than harm for the APC because at a point people lost interest of pdp’s pursuit of shadow leaving the  substance and dwelt so much on an (illusion), hatered and colossial waste of the nations reasourses.
This sad and aspersion on the person of Gen Buhari the APC presidential candidate which was encoureged by the proliferation of electronic media and some gullable and frustrated politicians draws a lot of symathy from the reasonable Nigerians who decided to take their own salvation in thier hands and choose to say  ‘ NO TO AN IRRESPONSIBLE  government.
The Obas and other traditional rulers were lobbied into partisan politics. These traditional rulers finally abandoned their throwns and shame facedly sold out their dignity and royalty,  these are people whose words are like  the gods all of a sudden began to dance naked in a market place  TUFIAKWA! 
The worste and disgraceful act of the moment came the clergymen who themselves were the most dangerous politician of all season both in the church and in the circular world began their ABRACADABRA in the name of prophesy. I tell you earnestly some of them are manipulators and abusers of men. They couldnt hold their greed over money. When N7billion  was alleged to have exchanged hands they began to see visions only in the favour of he who pays the piper, obviously president Jonathan was playing this drum, the  dancing step must be according to the beaten of his drum, see how great and highly respected anointed and  tongue speaking men of God are talking from both sides of thier mouth prophesing lies for ‘Roger’ sake   Chai! !
In other not to bore you let me mention a few prophesies by the Pastors ::-)              (1)  Primate Baba Tunde Elijah Ayodele, the founder of INRI EVANGELICAL SPIRITUAL CHURCH, said in Kaduna the election will be bloody and PDP will win by large margin, but in Kaduna the election was peaceful and APC won with large margin. Yobe and Benue, PDP will win but APC won in those areas. Then he said this will be a lesson for the president, if he wants to get it back he needs prayers, PDP will win the federal but the party will crash after the election. PDP will win lagos  state if APC fields Ambode.
(2) pastor Joshau Iginla claimed to be speaking God’s mind he said “the  person sitting on the presidential sit will retain his seat.
(3) Arch Bishop John Obi Okeke said “2015 there will be no vacancy for another president in Aso-rock for reasons best know to God president Jonathan will return back to his seat even if he is rigged.
(4 ) Daddy David Onyedepo of WINNERS CHARPEL said we will open the gate of hell for those who oppose Jonathan,  there shall be many gaints in all sectors of human endevours, men that commands attention of many nation in 2015. God has brought us to the realm of heaven on earth where men will live like angels.
Sometime ago when the Christian association of Nigerian (CAN), Penticoastal Fellowship of Nigerian(PFN) and some other key christain leaders meet at the RCCG Redemption camp with the notion to pray for the nation for a peaceful election in 2015 heavy weights in christaindom like Papa Ayo Oritsejafor The President of CAN, Papa David Onyedepo, Daddy G.O. Pastor E Adeboye of RCCG, Pastor Paul Adefarasin of House on The Rock and his brother Pastor Wale Adefarasin, Pastor Tunde Bakare including  the Vice President elect Prof Yemi Osinbanjo were all present in that meeting. Nobody seems to say a thing, at a point Pastor Paul Adefarasin broke the ice when he asked who they should support concerning the upcoming general election as their adopted candidate for presidency, immediatly Prof Osinbanjo raised his hands up to solicite for the candidacy of Gen Buhari and Himself they refused him audience.
In that meeting, it was agreed that Daddy G.O Pastor Adeboye should address the gathering but he was careful in anwsering by saying since he was a man under  the authorities of CAN and PFN whosoever they endorse he would support and go with them. Immediatly Papa Onyedepo stood up and said he had prayed and God was leading him to endorse and support president Jonathan as such other christain leaders added their voices to say their support goes to Jonathan, no other person and that was the end of the meeting. Osibanjo was never allowed to speak, everyother person left the arena.
Thereafter this prompted  pastor Tunde Bakare to preach on  a Topic “A prophet is sent to bring change not build consensus, whenever you compromise what is right in other to gain acceptance with men you lose acceptance with God”
See also how the clergy men have left their anointing to pursue annoyance and desecrate their white garment in pursuit of worldly influences and powers. What do you think about 🙂 “DO NOT BE UNEQUALLY YOKED TOGETHER WITH THE UNBELIEVERS”  the bible says, may God have mercy.
All said and done victory has emerged and nigerians are celebrating  their victory. This is a period of  time  Nigerians ought to reflect and thank God. Despite all the bloody and prophesy of doom, the entire nation has reason to appreciate God for He did not allow Nigeria to split  against the American tabulation of 2015 election. There is still a country called Nigeria afterall.:-)